Club Puschkin Dresden

A one day event of Power Electronics/Dark Ambient/Avant-Garde

Datum: Samstag, 22. September
Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 01:00 Uhr

Kategorie/n: → Party

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Sutcliffe Jügend began in 1982 as a sub-project from the main extreme band, Whitehouse, and instantly gained notoriety as one of the harshest exponents of the original power electronics scene in the world. The band released a set of 10 cassettes titled „We Spit On Their Graves“, which was then bootlegged into a 10 vinyl boxed set, now changing hands for 3 figure sums. For the first time, the original tapes were digitally remastered for the CD format and released by Cold Spring in 1997. Cold Spring released Sutcliffe Jügend’s full-length album ‚Pigdaddy‘ in April 2008, followed by ‚With Extreme Prejudice‘ in 2012.

-Exclusive German concert-
German power-electronics outfit. A brutal sound contribution against present times of war and terrorism. Screaming double-voices, combined with pulsating analogue harsh-electronic sequences and subtle rhythms. Pure power-electronics! Fans of the genre shouldn’t miss this!
Power electronic scene got a first class reanimates since the first release of SECTION B had come out. Energetic, malicious and straight as a razor blade, it looks like this material technically and emotionally was tear away from that times when IRIKARAH and GREY WOLVES were born. The beginning of CD- the howling siren and sound of explosions- immediately makes you feel the atmosphere of aggression and impact, and the growing rhythm will not allow you to feel something else! Further all like in good magazines: beautifully and stylish“. „Oklahoma City“ is dedicated to the white terrorist Timoty MacWay, his face is looking at us from the cover. When the freedom-loving USA wanted to make his execution on the public, after it had been done one women said: It seems like he fuck up us again, I did not receive any satisfaction with this execution“. Such compositions as „Schmerzgrenze Faellt“ and hypnotic „Whitelines“ (the prologue has been taken from the The Fairy Dance“ from The Nutcracker“) are close to the sacred, and „Hate“ with the beginning with the clang of the caterpillar panzer is almost hymen- manifest to the contemporaneity! At the end of the CD the melancholy of the steel and word is waiting for you (intuitive parallels with the MARIA ZARFALL).

-Special exclusive performance as duo-
Formed 1982 in Edinburgh by Gordon Sharp and David Clancy from the remnants of Scottish punk band The Freeze. They’ve released work with Midnight Music, World Serpent, Praxis Records (as Bambule), Bluesanct and most recently on Editions Mego. They have also collaborated with such diverse people as Cocteau Twins, Kathy Acker, Alasdair Gray, Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks/Ministry), Somatic Responses and Toby Reynolds (Dj Scud/Wasteland.) Hard to categorize, they work within a fluid experimental framework and have, since their beginnings, incorporated sampling, musique concrete and electronics as mainstays alongside their more orthodox disintegrating rock structures.Gordon Sharp is the only consistent member of an ever-shifting line-up that still plays live and releases regularly.

-Exclusive concert-
-snowscapes / feral loops / grubby dub-
Formed in 2003 by Hans Johm (The Viral Dread, The Royal Engineers, Beachhead, ex-Radio Eichenlaub, ex-High Tide Technolgy, ex-Boytronic).
Live crew:
Hans Johm (voc, synth, fx, rhythm, programming, visualization), Stephan Spreer (Llovespell, Sunday Strain/ fx, synth, bgvoc),
Martin Rauch (Johnny PunchOut/ visualization) and
Hubert Sadowski (The Reminder/ synth, fx)
With this project Hans Johm, as the only member of Antlers Mulm, dips into musical surrealism and strict disciplined electronica of constantly surprising ambiances leaning to several proposals. Most tracks have an atmospheric electronic sound with clear keyboard melodies, subtle samples and sparse speech vocals, often slightly distorted. Antlers Mulm contains many nostalgic references to older electronic music, without becoming a pure retro act.
Pioneers like Kraftwerk come to mind, as well as underground minimal electro from the early 80’s, but there are also clear connections to the Dark Ambient / Industrial circles.

-Exclusive Show-
-First ever German Show-
„The sound of Division S is an eclectic melange of retro styles, involving everything from camp 30s dance and film music through doo-wop and noir jazz to 60s bubblegum pop and psychedelia. They have elements in common with the ‘industrial nostalgia’ of Horologium, and they share a certain louche, Latin, sleazy-listening sensibility with such artists as Ô Paradis, Novy Svet and Spiritual Front, but really, Division S aren’t quite like anyone else. If you enjoy Serge Gainsbourg, Bain Wolfkind’s solo work, or the Spell album by Boyd Rice and Rose McDowall, then it’s likely that your tolerance for irony and campness is sufficiently well developed to appreciate the aesthetic pose of Division S.“

-First German Show-
Panic Bedroom was founded in 2008 in Wroclaw on Karol Ilow’s initiative. At the beginning he operates alone dealing with sound synthesis, composition as well as field-recording. In 2009, in the role of lead singer Szymon Borodziuk joins the project. Since then, Panic Bedroom acts as a duo. In December 2011 first album „Beasts of the end times” is released.
Subjects that Panic Bedroom broaches are the collapse of Western civilizations, meltdown and reversal of their moral values, human focus on consumption and above all, global domination and enslavement of humanity straight from Orwell books. Panic Bedroom warns against dark vision of the future, its transmission is the call for awakening for the dormant masses, to open their closed eyes.

-more info soon-

Special Opening Performance. 20min Noise Explosion.
A short chronological outline:
1995 teenage frivolity of experimental sound-project D.O.G..
1996 synth-experiments till total self-oscillation as Salvia Divinorum.
1997 member of the Odyssee 25 Kunstrguppe: performance, sound installations and pictures in the style of automatic writing.
Balog in the throes.
1998 Balog delivered as brain-birth.
Since 2000 collaborations with:
MONOSTABIL – HighElecSin- Stab2 – Noize Electronix, Soundscapes.
Mechlabor – experimental Radio – Collage, Silent Movie Scoring, Performance.
SARDH – Industrial, Ambient, Drones, Installations, Klangmalerei, Muzak.
Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf – Mirko Uhlig – Drones, Collage, Noize.
P dot aka Pete Pester – Brainfucktekkno.
Club Debil – Sunday Chillout
Balog works on several levels:
* 1. Live-Installations and performance
* 2. Improvisations with the given environment
* 3. Collaborations
* 4. Radio improvisations
* 5. DJ sets
* 6. Studio productions and remixes
* 7. Movie scoring


Limitierte Tickets zum Preis von 28€ sind ab jetzt erhaeltlich.
Achtung gilt nur bis 31 Juli danach Normalpreis: 32€
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Einlass: 17.00 Uhr | Start: 18.00 Uhr


Sutcliffe Jugend(uk)
Sektion B.(d)
Antlers Mulm(d)
Division S(i)
Panic Bedroom(pl)
plus very special guests: Shining Vril(aus) and Balog(d)